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Sunspot Literary Journal is a project dedicated to publishing the best new voices in fiction, poetry, nonfiction, scripts, and art. Words speak truth to those in power by drawing on the power of every human being.

Fiction Without Boundaries


Microfiction, flash fiction, poetry, short stories, plays, scripts, literary works and well-written genre pieces are welcome at Sunspot. 

Nonfiction That Expands


Send us your essays, opinions, articles, reviews, memoirs, and travel stories. Offer up thoughts that blind.  


Submission Guidelines

Work must be unpublished except on a personal blog until the call for previously published work. Simultaneous submissions welcome. Until the call for collections, one piece per submission. 


Short Stories

Short stories can be from 1,000 words up to 9,999 words. Long-form stories from 10,000 to 29,000 words can be submitted under the Supernova form on Submittable


A single poem can run up to 120 pages. Submit one poem up to 12 pages through the standard Submittable form. For a single poem between 13 and 120 pages, use the Supernova form.

Formatting Guidelines

Double-spaced text for all submissions except poetry. Times New Roman 12 point font or similar. Submit as many as you like. 

Micro and Flash Fiction

Micro pieces should be no more than 100 words. Flash fiction runs from 100 up to 999 words. The title is not included.  


Essays, opinions, memoir, travel, reviews, and other nonfiction submissions can run to 9,999 words. Long-form works from 10,000 to 29,000 words should use the Supernova form. 

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Open to collaborations with other lit journals, book fairs, and anything that allows talented voices to be heard, artists to be seen, and the world to be changed through the power of art and words.

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