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About Sunspot

Sunspots are areas of lower temperatures that appear on the sun's surface. Because of the sun's brilliance, sunspots are not visible to the naked eye. Compare that to the blinding static many publishers use when marketing celebrity rehab stories. The unique and creative get lost. 

Hearing Every Voice

Sunspot Literary Journal was founded to cut through the blinding flashes. The publications present writing that is meaningful. Writing created by individuals who might not have a large social media following, but who still have something important to say.

Writing a New World

Here at Sunspot, we believe in the power of the written word. Fiction, nonfiction, poetry and art can speak truth to power with the power inherent in all human beings. Our mission is to amplify every voice.

Publishing Cycle


Quarterly Editions

Sunspot produces four digital quarterly editions per year. These editions are free to the website's visitors, and will be sent to subscribers of the newsletter. The digital editions will include art as well as prose that can shed light in the world.

Print Editions

For the first year (2019), Sunspot will product one print volume. The content of this edition will blend selected work from the digital editions with new pieces. Barring solar flares, the number of print editions will increase in 2020.

Special Editions

At times, Sunspot will produce special editions. These might be digital only, print only, or both. Most special digital editions will be free on the website and for subscribers of the newsletter. 


A number of contests are run every year. Contest winners and select finalists are published in special editions, digital editions, in the newsletter, on the website, and/or in print editions depending on the theme and contest. Prizes will vary, but will always be cold, hard cash (or cold, hard Paypal payments). Brrr! Delicious!


Sunspot Literary Journal is a paying market. An Editor's Prize of $50 is offered to one work published in the print edition. All works published during the year, including in the digital and special editions, are considered for the print edition and the Editor's Prize.



Sunspot Literary Journal

Sunspot Literary Journal is produced by Sun Dogs Creations out of Hillsborough, NC, USA. 


Senior Editor: Laine Cunningham. Scroll down for her profile or visit her website.

Poetry Reader: Morrow Dowdle. Scroll down for her profile or visit her website.

Design: Angel Leya. Scroll down for her profile or visit her website.

Advisory Board Chair: Rich Ehisen. Scroll down for his profile or visit his website

Advisory Board Member: Marion Grace Woolley. Scroll down for her profile or visit her website

Get Involved

Sunspot, like most literary journals, runs on love for the written word and art in all its forms. If you'd like to help, let us know your skill set and how you see yourself fitting in. We're always grateful for the assistance!


Sunspot Literary Journal is funded entirely through private means. If you'd like to help with the costs, consider buying an extra copy of the print edition for your library or a friend. 

To send a check, connect with our Senior Sunspotter Laine Cunningham. PayPal tips and donations can be made at any time by linking here

Donations can be made anonymously. They can also be noted on the website and in the edition published immediately after the donation. You will always receive a huge "thank you!"

To see specific ways you can help fulfill our needs, check out the Support page. 

Social Sharing

Sunspot appreciates your help spreading the word. We want to reach writers and artists from every type of background. That means looking beyond college campuses to where people live. Every time you share our submission link, you help build a better world. 


Publisher and Senior Editor Laine Cunningham

Laine Cunningham's novels received the Hackney Literary Award, the James Jones Literary Society Fellowship, and honors from national and international art councils. Her short stories won the 2016 Hackney Award as well as the 2017 Writer’s Digest contest, and have been published by Reed, Birmingham Arts Journal, and the annual anthology produced by Writer’s Digest. 

Nonfiction credits include a publishing industry insider book called Writing While Female or Black or Gay, and essays in Fiction Southeast and Wraparound South. 

More information about her books can be found on her website. Her ghostwriting and consulting company, the primary funding source for Sunspot Lit, can be found at Writer's Resource

Publisher and Senior Editor Laine Cunningham

Publisher and Senior Editor Laine Cunningham

Poetry Reader Morrow Dowdle

Morrow Dowdle is a writer living in Hillsborough, NC and is delighted to be part of a literary journal produced in her very own town.  She is the author of the chapbook Nature v. Nurture (Artagem Graphic Library).  

Her poetry has been featured in River and South Review, Poetry South, Dandelion Review, NonBinary Review, Pink Panther Magazine, Panoply, APIARY, The Schuylkill Valley Journal of the Arts, Edison Literary Review, River Poets Quarterly, The Griffin, Philadelphia Stories, and Prism, among other publications.  

She was a Pushcart Prize nominee in 2018.  She is an active member of the Living Poetry collective in the North Carolina Triangle area.  She also writes graphic novels, including An Unlikely Refugee, which is now part of a permanent exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.  

She previously attended Emerson College’s MFA program in creative writing and works as a physician assistant in mental health as her “day job.”  Visit her website here


Designer Angel Leya

 USA Today bestselling author Angel Leya creates  clean young adult fiction with a *kiss* of magic. It also happens to be what she enjoys reading, and she regularly blogs her latest reviews.

She’s part of the incredible Shifter Academy world. Diverse shifters, power-hungry vampires, and hunters looking to eradicate them all vie for power in the streets of Chicago and beyond.

When she's not writing or helping out with Sunspot, you can find her daydreaming about her stories and searching for her own adventures. Feel free to drop her a line any time and join her Legion newsletter to earn your halo and wings. 

Designer Angel Leya

Designer Angel Leya

Advisory Board Chair Rich Ehisen

Rich Ehisen is a nationally published author covering California political, social, and business leaders. 

Since 2016, his blog The Open Mic has featured his interviews with authors, journalists and writers of all kinds about the art and business of writing and publishing. 

Learn about his book, In Their Own Words: Twenty Successful Writers on the Craft and Business of Writing at his website

Advisory Board Chair Rich Ehisen

Advisory Board Chair Rich Ehisen

Advisory Board Member Marion Grace Woolley

 Marion Grace Woolley is a British author of dark historical fantasy, including Those Rosy Hours at Mazandaran, the audio book of which is narrated by Emma Newman, and The Children of Lir. Marion has been published by Ghostwoods, Green Sunset and Netherworld Books. 

She currently works as a ghostwriter and editor in Rwanda, where she is attempting to build pianos. 

Connect with her blog or find out more at her website.  

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