About Sunspot Literary Journal

About Sunspot

Sunspots are areas of lower temperatures that appear on the sun's surface. Because of the sun's brilliance, sunspots are not visible to the naked eye. Compare that to the blinding static many publishers use when marketing celebrity rehab stories. The unique and creative get lost. 

Hearing Every Voice

Sunspot literary journal was founded to cut through the blinding flashes. The publications present writing that is meaningful. Writing created by individuals who might not have a large social media following, but who still have something important to say.

Writing a New World

Here at Sunspot, we believe in the power of the written word. Fiction, nonfiction, poetry and art can speak truth to power with the power inherent in all human beings. Our mission is to amplify every voice.

Publishing Cycle

Quarterly Editions

Sunspot produces four digital-only quarterly editions per year. These editions are free to subscribers of Sunspot's newsletter. 

The digital editions will include art as well as other items, thoughts, and snippets that might shed more light in the world.

Print Editions

For the first year (2019), Sunspot will product one print volume. The content of this edition will be different than the digital editions. 

Barring solar flares, the number of print editions will increase in 2020.

Special Editions

At times, Sunspot will produce special editions. These might be digital only, print only, or both. Most special digital editions will be free to subscribers of Sunspot's newsletter. 


A number of contests are in the works. The first will be announced in January of 2019. Contest winners will be published in special editions, digital, and/or print editions depending on the theme and contest. Prizes will vary, but will always be cold, hard cash (or cold, hard Paypal payments). Brrr! Delicious!


Sunspot Literary Journal

Sunspot Literary Journal is produced by Sun Dogs Creations out of Hillsborough, NC, USA. 


Senior Editor: Laine Cunningham

Design: Angel Leya

Get Involved

Sunspot, like most literary journals, runs on love for the written word and art in all its forms. If you'd like to help, let us know your skill set and how you see yourself fitting in. We're always grateful for the assistance!


Sunspot Literary Journal is funded entirely through private means. If you'd like to help with the costs, consider buying an extra copy of the print edition for your library or a friend. 

You can also connect with our Senior Sunspotter Laine Cunningham to send a larger donation by check or Paypal. Donations are noted on the website and in the edition published immediately after the donation along with a huge "thank you!"

Social Sharing

Sunspot appreciates your help spreading the word. We want to reach writers and artists from every type of background. That means looking beyond college campuses to where people live. Every time you share our submission link, you help build a better world. 


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