Sunspot FAQs

Publishing in a Sunspot

Sunspot Literary Journal was founded by an author and publishing consultant who has seen many sides of the industry. Your rights are important to us, so you will always be treated with respect.

Rights – We only ever ask for first rights. After publication of your short stories, nonfiction, poems, scripts, photography, or art, you have the right to use your work anywhere you like.

Response Time – Every effort is made to respond within three months. In no case will we take longer than six months to respond. If we ever do, it will be because we have fallen into a black hole. 

Fast Flux Response Option - We get it...sometimes you just need an answer right away. Work submitted under the Fast Flux option receives an answer in two weeks or less. 

New Versions – If you revise a piece after submission and would like us to consider the new version, withdraw the original and resubmit the new version as a new submission.

Length – We really mean it when we say we will consider longer works. That means up to 49,000 words for fiction and nonfiction, including scripts and screenplays, and up to 50 pages for a single poem. Use the appropriate form on our Submittable portal. 

Number of Submissions - Send us any number of submissions in any variety of categories. As long as you submit each piece individually, we will consider any amount of work from you no matter how many of your submissions are active at the same time. 

Review Process - We review pieces submitted through the standard form in chronological order: first in is first reviewed. Fast Flux submissions necessarily move to the front of the line.

Payment - Sunspot Lit offers an Editor's Prize of $50 for one work selected from the print edition. Pieces selected from digital and special editions that appear in the print edition are considered alongside those appearing only in print. As funding grows, more Editor's Prizes will be added. 

Prizes - We submit our authors to small press awards like the Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net, the O'Henry Prize, and The Best American Series to help our authors and artists get the recognition they deserve.