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Classified Ads

Classified ads are available in quarterly digital editions and special editions. Spread the word about your writing and arts contests, residency programs, awards, workshops, and more. All classified ads are also posted on the website's classified page. Ad rate: $150 for up to 25 words; $5 for each additional word. 

Print Ads

Print ads are available for the annual edition. All ads are black and white. 

Full page: $850

Half page: $450

Quarter page: $295

Ad Design

Sunspot's groovy graphic designer can set up your ad to your specifications. Flat rate of $325, and the design is yours to use multiple times in Sunspot or any other magazine. 

Advertising Discounts

Buy two ads of the same size for the same issue or for two sequential issues to receive a 10% discount.

Set up three or more ads and receive a 15% discount.

Discounts in our print media help you reach a broader audience.